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You can Live Better when your Housing costs Less

Perhaps you are starting out, starting over or getting ready to downsize. Whatever you status in life, let's take a few moments to understand and benefit from a powerful truth. You can live better when your housing costs le$$. What do you like or want to do? Do you: Like to travel? Enjoy shopping? Want [...]

Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Difficult Times

by Tim Connor, CSP "The one thing God is after is character." Oswald Chambers Sooner or later everyone regardless of age, gender, position, nationality, economic status, race or religion experiences some form of adversity or trouble. It is as much a part of life as every other circumstance you will ever experience. Life is a [...]

Taking the Agonize Out of Organize – Part 1 – The value of procrastination

by Catherine Frenzel The undertaker wanted to hand my friend Jen a receipt for payment of her mom's funeral arrangement, but Jen declined to take it. She and her husband were captain and cook on a private yacht that sails the Mediterranean and the only storage space they had were the knapsacks she and her [...]

The Frugal Lifestylist Shares Inexpensive Ways to Make Over Your Home

by Suzanne Felber, Lifestylist® I love the electronic age! Thanks to the internet and cable offering us hundreds of channels to choose from, there is no end to places we can go and get inspired on how to decorate our homes. If you have ever spent a day or a weekend walking all of the [...]