You can Live Better when your Housing costs Less

Perhaps you are starting out, starting over or getting ready to downsize. Whatever you status in life, let's take a few moments to understand and benefit from a powerful truth.

You can live better when your housing costs le$$.

What do you like or want to do? Do you:

  • Like to travel?
  • Enjoy shopping?
  • Want to save money for education (for yourself or others in your household or circle)?
  • Want to enjoy your retirement more?
  • Want to support a cause, church or charity more?
  • Want a nicer vehicle?
  • Want less financial stress?

All of this and more is possible, when your housing costs are lower! Saving money on utilities, maintenance or on taxes due to the mortgage interest deduction are among the ways that a nicer, new eGreenHome can positively change your life.

Perhaps you are well to do, and can afford to live wherever you decide. It still makes sense to have a modern, greener, money saving engineered home. You can enjoy the same amenities you desire, and get that total home package for less. If you could buy a Mercedes, Lexus or a BMW for 20% less, and it is apples to apples, a successful person would do that, right? The same principle applies with your home.

Discover all that saving money on your next home without sacrificing quality can mean to you and your loved ones. See why the experts estimate that in 2012, 829,000 engineered homes will be sold world-wide. From modest to mansions, an greener engineered home may be right for you. ##

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